It’s Cold Outside

My Top Winter Essentials Along with Some Style Inspiration

Hello everyone!! I am back from a much-needed break, to get back into a creative mindset to produce the best possible content for you guys! Now that I am feeling recharged and ready to go, I wanted to share some Winter essentials. Since I moved to PA, I have started to get a much better grasp on what items you need for the cold (while still looking cute.) While I still don’t fully have all that I would need, I think I am on my way to a very strong Winter wardrobe. Also, since stores are starting to switch over to their Valentine’s Day and Spring items, Winter items are on sale! So here are some of my must-have Winter Essentials and some styling inspiration.

My Top Winter Essentials

I am legit cold all of the time, I need to dress super warm when the weather starts to drop below like 80 degrees. It’s really bad, especially when I hang out with people who are “used” to the cold. They are all like “this weather is comfy” and it’s like below freezing. I just can’t do it; I am not made for the cold lol. Here are some of the outfits I have worn over the years to beat the cold and still look stylish.

Winter Style Inspiration

Nothing cuter than a hat and mitten set!

Winter Style Inspiration

Here are all the links for everything in this post!


Second Layer



Pompom Hats:



For more Winter weather inspiration, you can check out my other posts like Winter Glows & Christmas Bows, What I’m Loving Winter Edition, and My Winter Bucket List.

Thanks for reading!

– Kasey

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