Winter Wonderland

Winter Bucket List

With the freezing cold and seemingly never-ending darkness, Winter feels like it drags on. I’ve been trying to put together a bucket list for every season (like my Fall Adventures List) so that I can try to keep myself busy. This list can be a great way to hang out with your friends and loved ones through the Holiday Season! ‘Cause I know if I don’t make plans I will sit around watching Netflix all day. But, hey, some days you need that! Winter can be as fun as you make it, you can’t let the cold get to you. Here are some great ways to beat or embrace the cold with my Winter Bucket List!

20 Things to do this Winter

1. Go Sledding

Women and child having fun sledding in the snow
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2. Go Iceskating!

4. Build a Snowman/Make Snow Angels

5. Bake Christmas Cookies

3. Make/Drink Hot Chocolate

close up of a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows with a cinnamon stick.
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6. Take a Snowboarding/Skiing Lesson

7. Wrap Presents

8. Watch Christmas Movies

9. Go to a Christmas Tree Farm

Girl with a cute hat and sweater holding a Christmas tree
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10. Buy Winter Clothes

For some ideas on cute sweaters for this season check out my post of Fair Isle Sweaters!

11. Have a snowball fight

12. Cuddle Up by the Fire

13. Decorate a Tree

Room decorated for Christmas with a tree stockings, presents, and a wreath.
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14. Go shopping for Gifts

15. Do something charitable

16. See Santa

17. Build a Gingerbread House

18. Get matching PJ’s

19. Look at Christmas Lights

20. Eat Candy Canes

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