What to Do on Your Next Day Off

Ways to Treat Yourself on Your Days Off

Sick and tired of not knowing what to do on your days off? I was until I did this! I have a weird work schedule so I tend to have random days off in the middle of the week. It took some time to adjust to because not everyone else has those days off. So I learned to take the time for myself. I’ve decided to share some tips on what you should on your next day off.

Take that Long Shower or Bath

Showers and baths can be very relaxing. If you’re like me you have been taking super quick ones all week and are missing out on its relaxing effects. Hot water can help loosen up those muscles that have become a little stiff from working hard. So take some time, relax, and move as slow as you want.

Pamper Yourself

Pampering can include doing your makeup, painting your nails, practicing doing your hair, or whatever else makes you feel good. Maybe do that new face mask you have been wanting to try! I personally love painting my nails. I enjoy taking the time to get them perfect and looking like I just got them done professionally. Being put together on my days off make me feel so much better. But hey, if you want to sit in your pajamas all day then pamper yourself that way!

Catch up on All of the Sleep You Missed

Sometimes a little sleep is all you need to fill renewed. You might not realize how sleep deprived you really are until you get those few extra hours of sleep. This is a great way to start your day right! You can be so much more productive if you get a good nights sleep.

Take a Trip to the Gym

Thinking about going to the gym on those days you have work is hard. I know I find it hard. But if you get there on your day off you will be able to put your whole heart into it. Doing it on your day off can help relieve built-up stress from a long week. It might also kick start a new work out routine you have been wanting to start.

Eat a Good Meal

Eat a good meal on your next day off: french fries milkshakes, soda, burgers at Shake Shake
Eat a Good Meal

And by good, I’m not saying it has to be a healthy meal. I’m talking about one that’s good for your mental health! You can cook for yourself and make the meal you have been dreaming of or order in some take out. For me, that always includes french fries. They are my absolute favorite and the perfect way to treat myself. So whatever you are feeling eat your heart out!

Binge Watch your Favorite Show

Whether you have Netflix, Hulu, or just regular cable. Watching TV is another great way to pass the time. I really enjoy having the TV on in the background while I’m doing other things. But I do love the occasional binge watch. Sometimes you just wanna sit there and watch a show for hours on end.

Watch a Movie or Two

Watch a Movie on your next day off: Marvel themed TV, computer, stack of Marvel DVDs and a Marvel pillow and blanket
Watch a Movie

Movies are my favorite. There are so many movies out there and there is a perfect one for whatever mood you are feeling that day. I personally love superhero movies (aka a huge Marvel fan). But there are some days you just want to watch a funny movie or a sad movie, maybe even a RomCom that has all of the above.

I hope this gave you some new ideas on what to do on your day off! Let me know in the comments on what you plan to do on your next day off!

Thanks for reading,

– Kasey

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