Puppy Tails Part 1

Everything you didn’t know (and some you probably did) you needed before bringing home a new puppy.

My boyfriend and I just settled into our new apartment and we thought how could we top this? We decided we needed a puppy in our lives! We live in a small apartment so I knew I couldn’t get a big dog and my boyfriend has always wanted a particular type of dog.

So the choice was clear we were gonna get a Corgi. Now the hard part was what kind. Did we want one with a tail or without, long hair or short, dark or red? There were so many options.

We ending up getting a Pembroke Welsh Corgi (the one without the tail). And she is the cutest little thing ever.

Everything you didn't know (and some you probably did) you needed before bringing home a new puppy.

While getting a puppy seems like its a wonderful idea for someone who just moved into an apartment, its something you really need to consider because it’s a lot of work.

So to provide a little bit of background, growing up my Grandmother bred Miniature Bull Terriers. So, I’ve been around a lot of pups. While she didn’t always have them at her house we would travel to see all of the puppies. So I kinda knew what to expect. But every pup is different.

But leading up to the day that we got our pup I did a lot of research as to what I might need to have when the puppy came home.

So here is my list of what you will need to bring a new puppy home:

Crate: Think about the size that your pup will get to make sure they have enough room to grow.

Travel Crate: This can be a smaller, easy to hold crate. Also perfect for the day you bring your pup home.

Collar:For a puppy this is more just to hold the ID tag.

Harness: This is for when you walk your pup because a collar can actually harm a little puppy especially if they aren’t leash trained yet.

Leash: It’s important to get one that is long enough to give your pup some room but short enough so you can control them and handle them a little more so they can learn to walk with you on the lead.

An ID tag with your phone number on it: This is important just in case your dog ever gets out. I know it’s not something you want to think about but it’s always good to be prepared.


Puppy Food: Talk to your local pet store to discuss what the best food would be for your new puppy.

Food Storage: Make sure it closes tight so no pests (or pets haha) can get in.

Treats: You can’t train your pup without treats! I definitely suggest getting smaller ones so it’s easy to hold when you are training.

Treat Storage

Food Bowls

Waters Bowls: Don’t forget one for the crate.

Food and Water Bowl Mat: This is important if you plan on keeping them on a rug to stop splashes or if on a hard, smooth surface keeping it from sliding.

Potty Pad or Pee Pee Pads: You’re going to need a lot!

Carpet Cleaner: Being prepared from the beginning makes for easier cleanup. Accidents happen!

Poop Bags Clip and Extra Poop Bags: Leashes now pretty much come with a clip at the top so you can attach the holder to have easy access to clean up after your puppy.

Grooming Supplies: Make sure you get the ones that work best with the type of coat your dog has. It’s also important to get them used to it as a puppy so its easier when they get older.

Nail Clippers: Puppies nails can be pretty sharp and will pull your clothing. Similarly to grooming, it is important to get them used to it.

Towels: I know you want to get your puppy a nice bed but they will eat it! Towels can also make cleaning up their cage a bit easier.

Thanks for reading!

– Kasey

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