2020…A Year of Books

My 2020 Accomplishment

I know I am a little late on this, but I wanted to share something that I accomplished in the lovely year that we called 2020! Joking, well kind of. I know a lot went down last year and for many including myself, it was a rough year. But, one thing I am super proud of accomplishing was that I started reading! Let me tell you I haven’t picked up a book, that I didn’t have to read (honestly, I barely even read those) since I was in elementary school. I am not even exaggerating, I used to hate reading. So, here’s my 2020 Accomplishment: a year of books!

2020…A Year of Books My 2020 Accomplishment

Back Story:

So, a little bit of back story, I am a terrible reader. Like I think my 11- and 9-year-old sisters have a better reading ability than I do. That’s why reading has always been such a turn-off to me, I hated that I was so bad at it. I know what you’re thinking, “Kasey you write blog posts you aren’t illiterate why are you complaining?” I am just trying to explain why it is such a big accomplishment for me.

When I was in college, a couple of my friends introduced me to a few apps that had the fun choose your own path stories. The graphics helped keep my attention so I could really get into the story. It was really a nice way to dip my toes in the water. From there, I started getting really into them…I downloaded a ton of stories. I was on them non-stop! I started to get away from ones that had a ton of animation and spent more time on stories that were mostly text. But, I eventually got annoyed with only reading parts of the full stories because you had to “pay” for better parts of the stories. So, by the time I got out of college, I stopped reading altogether. That’s when I really started blogging and I wanted to focus attention on that.

2020…A Year of Books My 2020 Accomplishment

A year later…

Fast forward a year later I moved into my new apartment and wanted to buy a few coffee-table books (which are so EXPENSIVE for no freaking reason, lol). I started researching some cute books along with some preppy books to have in my collection (purely as decoration). But, I found a few and I actually read two of them. It took almost the entire Summer (2019) to read those two books, and when Summer ended, I gave up reading again. Something about being at the beach (my beach essentials) did make it easier to read.

2020…A Year of Books My 2020 Accomplishment

Another year later… (SpongeBob Voice)

Then, COVID-19 hit the next year. And you know what that meant: lockdown. I picked back up on the old apps that I was using and got pretty into it, I was going through stories lightning fast. This led me to join a book club, and I was a goner. I joined because I wanted to read the book they were reading. Even though I didn’t read it on the same timeline as the rest of the girls in the book club, I was proud I finished it.

2020…A Year of Books My 2020 Accomplishment

I then realized that the main app I was using were stories made from actual books! So, I tested the waters and bought a series that I had read on the app. And let me tell you…100% better! Now I was hooked, I couldn’t stop reading! I still can’t stop…every time I finished a book, I would tell my Mom, she was so proud and after a couple of books she kept telling me “You have read more in this past month than you have in your entire life.”

I am so proud that I was able to find something that I love doing that isn’t watching TV or being on my phone. I am still not the best reader, but I don’t let it stop me and I can still finish the occasional book in a day. I do suffer when I read a book I don’t like, I can’t get back into reading another one for like a month, so I am still a work in progress,

I hope you enjoyed my 2020 accomplishment and for the full list of books that I have read check out my 2020 Reading List post! It has some of my favorites along with some other books I have read!

Thanks for reading!

– Kasey

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